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Pitcher's Mate Pitching Target

Take Control of Your Pitches

Pitcher's Mate is the best pitching target for solo pitching practice. Used by colleges and professionals, this is the pitching target that will make your practice time pay off.

Pitcher's Mate Pitching Target

The unique design of the Pitcher's Mate features a life-size reversible batter and a four zone strike target that lets the balls pass through and collect on the other side. Our latest design has a photo realistic depiction of the batter.

Its sturdy design has been tested by high school, college, and professional teams. It is made of rust-proof marine stainless steel for outdoor and indoor use and is quick and easy to set up.

The Pitcher's Mate target is in use in 45 states plus Mexico, Canada and Belgium. Pitcher's Mate is praised by pitchers of all ages, coaches and parents!

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn trains with the Pitcher's Mate pitching target. He said "I have used the Pitchers Mate for my off-season training since 2003 and I will continue to use it for the rest of my career. There is no question that it has helped me develop my control."

St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Lance Lynn


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"The Pitcher's Mate is a very useful tool in the progression from drill to bullpen mound and then from bullpen mound to the game. The pitchers seem to like the visual of a hitter standing in on them, and it will continually test their ability to hit certain spots within the strike zone. It is versatile in that it can be interchanged from right-handed hitter to left-handed and the hitter on the target looks realistic."

Derek Johnson,
Vanderbilt Pitching and Associate Head Coach

"The Pitcher's Mate is a huge asset when working with groups OR individuals. Since there is no catcher involved, the throwing drills go a lot quicker. It also makes it possible for the instructor to stand with the pitcher, instead of catching the pitches. The challenge of hitting the strike zone and being able to simply retrieve the balls from the net afterwards is instrumental in maintaining focus of all ages. Durability and design are terrific."

Ted Powers,
13 Year Major League Pitcher

"This is an excellent product and my grandson uses it all the time!"

Darby Fast,
Former Chicago Cubs Pitcher

Used by Major League Pitchers & Universities

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